Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Yet on Separate Ways

The last string was pulled two days ago. At last, tossing our caps became a possibility. Gone were the days that were filled with horrors of torn dreams and hopes. There we were; facing the cameras flashing at a very disorderly fashion. And I must say, my family occupied a really big space at the venue. I didn't know that 95% of them would come; my parents, my brothers, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins,my nieces, and my nephews were there. There was nothing left for me to say but "Whoah!"

Looking back, it was funny reminiscing on how I worried so much of my undefended thesis, the piles of paperwork that I have to make, and the countless requirements that I have to submit. Those things made me preoccupied for weeks. And I have to admit that it almost sent me in the abyss of insanity(just kidding..=]) Seriously, it left me looking for a resting place. I was too eager to sleep back then and any available hour was like a treat.

My high school life is officially over (or is it?). Just when I was happily munching my free hours, I remembered my clean, unsigned clearance. Uh-oh. So this probably means a bunch of trips back to the rocky terrain of my dear high school. And to add more burden on my shoulders, I received a text message about some of the fees that I haven't paid yet. But the biggest burden of them all is my T-H-E-S-I-S. I have to have it checked and send it to---who knows? I have to transform it first into a decent book before my poor clearance can have its share of signatures from our teachers and before my hands can get hold of those school records I badly need.

Right now, I'm beginning to do the rituals of a sixteen-year-old lady---chores. So I guess the celebrity-feeling I had during our graduation day only lasted till that day. The Holy Week has started and I'm not feeling holy at all. I feel...lazy (as of the moment). But I have to pull myself together and get started with my...chores. I'll be back at school to deal with my unfinished business. So I guess we're (me and my batch mates) are not yet on separate ways.